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Bagua Concepts Volume 2: Lao Ba Zhang and Linear Applications

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  • Clear Instruction
  • Bagua Linear Applications
  • Eight Changing Palms Form Instruction
  • Bagua Applications and Usage
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This DVD series assumes you know something about Bagua, so they jump right in, showing applications and technical points. Instructor Tom Bisio is a highly intelligent instructor and he shows usage in a truly CMA way, effortlessly transforming each application into its variations. On top of that, his Bagua usage is actually Bagua, crystallizing a lot of those principles usually missing in many presentations where Bagua applications turn out to be standard Kung Fu usage.

Many people consider the Eight Changing Palms the core of Bagua. Here is the Gao Ji Wu version demonstrated and broken into applications. True to the name of the series, Tom Bisio points out a number of major concepts for Bagua practice.