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The Eight Animals of Bagua Zhang (Book and Dvd)

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Bagua is quickly becoming one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Exotic, effective, beautiful and practical, it shows the grace of Tai Chi with the skill of Kung Fu. It incorporates the best of martial andhealth practices, with philosophy.

There are over 150 branches of this great art, but it is commonly acknowledged that the Eight Animals is the core practice for Bagua Zhang. The Eight Animals routine combines Bagua's signature circle walking with eight special Qigong postures. This method is a blend of martial practice and ancient Taoist meditation.

This book and DVD provide a complete introduction through simple instruction mixed with higher level practices. Originally developed as the text for introductory seminars, the book combines photos and text to clearly show the breakdown of each movement. And the companion DVD offers the complete set plus fundamentals, including demonstrations of pole work rarely seen.

Ted Mancuso is the author of the popular book "Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change," which is a companion to his best-selling DVD series "Bagua: The Art of Change." He has been teaching Chinese martial arts for more than forty-five years. His decades of teaching experience are your guide into the world of Chinese martial arts.