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Bagua You Shen Zhang (Bagua Swimming Body)

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This is a translation of a famous book on the art of Bagua Zhang, or 8 Trigrams Kung Fu. In this case the style of Bagua is called "Swimming Body" (the You Shen of the title).This version of the Wang Shu Jin original Chinese book is accompanied by surprisingly clear photos. The translation by messrs Brinkman and Tyrey starts with Wang's preface which tells of practicing subjective (understanding, discipline, etc) and objective (standing, progressive actions, etc.) methods. Next is a section on BGZ's "8 Character Poems" . Then we read of the "9 Palaces Returning to One". "Shapes of the Palms" follow. BG "Single Hand Standing Methods" comes next. The Preparations section is followed by Standing practices and Basic Principles. The set of Swimming Body Bagua follows. After this we have a biography of Dong Hai Chuan- BGZ's founder-with some information rarely seen elsewhere. The final piece is a portrait of lineage holder: Zhang Zhan Kui. For people interested in the art of Bagua (which some are calling the Tai Chi of the 21st century) this is an important and hard-to-find translation. Accoding to the translators this second edition has improved binding and overall quality.