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Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang, The

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    Triptych Enterprises
Product Features
  • Large and well-presented photographs of the 64 Hands
  • Authentic teaching from a real lineage
  • Ba Gua Zhang Applications and Usage
  • Rare photographs of Ba Gua Master Gao Zi Ying
Product Description
In this ground-breaking book, Gao Ji Wu reveals some of Ba Gua Zhang's formerly "secret" techniques. The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang gives the reader an in-depth look at Ba Gua's 72 techniques and the 64 hands as they were passed down from the great boxer Liu Dejuan, himself a student of the art's founder Dong Hai Chuan. The techniques are key self-defence applications, that make Ba Gua an effective fighting art, while the 64 linear forms or hands are direct practical applications of Ba Gua's characteristic circular palm changes. This is a dual Chinese-English edition containing photographs illustrating the movements and applications.