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Cheng Style bagua Eight Trigram BoardSword - Sun Zhijun DVD

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Eight Trigram Broadsword is one of the short weapons in Eight Trigram Palm School, with a length of 141cm and a weight of 7 catties, and a weapon hard to train. With a moving rule of "the broadsword goes with the man, the man changes with the movement of the broadsword, and the man and the sword unite together", it shows completely the changes and features of Eight Trigram Palm Body Skills and Step Skills and need the basic trainings of Eight Trigram Palm. When you are practicing, repeating and training each move of it carefully, you should know the rule of the broadsword way, so that you can combine all of these moves and practice overall.

Lecturer: Sun Zhijun
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese