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Bagua: The Art of Change vol.2: The Bagua Body by Ted Mancuso

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The Bagua Body: moving through change. This is a complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library. This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a 'walk through' without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #2 concentrates on one of the most neglected aspects of BaGua practice, the development of the BaGua body with special exercises selected to improve BaGua practice of ANY STYLE! Some topics covered:Single Limb warms upsBaGua Wheel exerciseMany levels of ThreadingThe BaGua Ba Shih (8 Chi Kung Stances)Self-Defense Practice MethodsBaGua Spontaneous ApplicationsBaGua Chin Na ApplicationsTree TrainingSingle Palm San Shou