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3 DVD Box Set Aikido Vol.2

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Box set : Aikido vol.2 - Takemusu Aiki Bukikai • 3 DVD BOX SET • INCLUDES DVD 158 - DVD 175 - DVD 182 DVD 182 : TAKEMUSU AIKI BUKIKAI is an educational method that uses Traditional Aiki weapons work (Ken, Jo and Tanto), and includes also empty hands work (Tai Jutsu that are presented in this film), so that you'll be able to create lots of techniques. DVD 175 : This DVD presents obvious techniques that will introduce you to the loyal teaching of late Morihiro Saito. Aiki Bukikai represents the whole of Aiki-ken, of Aiki-jo : Bukiwasa & of Tai-Jutsu. DVD 158 : The best strategy is to be able to choose among an unlimited number of alternatives. Eventually, truth will come out: Aiki, the gathering of energies living together without destroying. This is the Tao principle carried on by Aiki Bukikai.