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3 DVD Box Set Aikido Vol.1

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3 DVD Box Set: Includes DVD 03 - DVD 36 - DVD 51 Patricia Guerri 5th dan she earned after many years close to Morihiro Saito Sensei the certificates : Mokoruku Dan in Weapons (5th dan) Aiki Ken, Aiki Jo, Bukiwaza, which makes of Patricia Guerri the best representative to "teach the weapons handling". Discover on this DVD Aikiken-Jo, Aiki Bukikai, Disarming, Ken-Jo-Tanto. Shot in natural location you will all the more appreciate the teaching of Patricia Guerri. Jacques Muguruza 6th dan of Yoshinkan School, shows you the detailed and practical aspect of the techniques, relying on basic movements, which leads to an enriching pedagogic approach, helping you go back to the source of the art. The specificity of Yoshinkan is within the development of clear and precise techniques, enlightening the principles and the spirit of Aikido. Gérard Blaize 7th dan in Aikikai from Tokyo show you « the true Bu » that is the training of the attractive force to absorb the whole partner. He demonstrates how to put his words into action, or how, you can discover the ability to "absorb", to practice it and to develop it thanks to training.