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Kendo Principles IV - Nito-ryu [Two Swords] DVD

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Kendo Principles Part IV explains the major techniques of Kendo using two Swords (Nito-Ryu). Miyamoto Musashi, the most famous Samurai in the Japanese history, has developed the Nito-Ryu technique during a combat. This video illustrates correct examples, and incorrect moves which are common to new students. It can also be a useful self-training guide for Kenshis who wants to learn Nito-ryu and have an in-depth understanding of the advanced techniques. Dojo Instructors can also take full use of this video as an additional instructional material for their students. This video is all narrated in English, for easy understanding and the camera is taken from various angles. Many slow motion shots is taken to illustrate good and bad examples from different angles. All techniques and moves are explained by Matthew Raymond (Black Belt 5th Dan), one of the most famous Nito-Ryu Kenshis in the world. He has learned his Nito-Ryu techniques during his long training in Osaka, Japan. Matthew has won many big titles and he is currently member of the Canadian national team participating in four World Kendo Championships, placing 3rd place in 1994 and 2000. BASIC TECHNIQUES: [Sonkyo, Seiza, Kamae (Jodan - Daito, Jodan - Shoto), Distance, Tsubazeriai, Okuri Ashi, Datotsu (Men-Uchi, Kote-Uchi, Do-Uchi, Tsuki-Uchi)] ADVANCED TECHNIQUES: [Combinations (Kote-Men, Kote-Do), Debana Waza (Debana Men, Debana Kote, Debana Do), Hiki Men, Hiki Kote, Hiki Do, Kakarigeiko, Kirikaeshi, Zanshin] KENDO INSTRUCTION BY MATTHEW RAYMOND VOICE BY MATTHEW RAYMOND NARRATION BY KANAKO YAMAGISHI EQUIPMENT BY E-BOGU.COM INC. SPECIAL THANKS TO TUSTIN KENDO DOJO MUSIC SELECTION BY KOBY SHIMADA WRITTEN BY TARO ARIGA DIRECTED BY KOBY SHIMADA PRODUCED BY KOBY PICTURES SPECIAL THANKS TO TAKASHI ISHIZU Note: This DVD can be played in both English and Spanish. Also it features DVD capabilities such as quick search of your favorite sections