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Kendo Basics I: Getting Ready for Training

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Kendo Basics I introduces very basic movements of kendo including how to draw out your sword in kendo, etiquette and manner. All the information included here is required for all the kendo practitioners to know. Content 1. Introduction: Line-Up 2. Sitting in Seiza 3. Sitting in Seiza: Closer Look 4. Sitting in Seiza with Bokuto 5. Seiza & Mokuso 6. Sitting Bow 7. Beginning of Training at a Glance 8. Finishing Up Training 9. Finishing Up at a Glance 10. How to Stand & Shizentai 11. Standing Bow 12. Taito: Wearing Your Sword 13. Nuke-To: Drawing Out Your Sword 14. Sonkyo