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This is Kendo Today

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This is Kendo Today with Sensei George Alexander

Finally! An instructional video on the art of Kendo, Japanese swordsmanship. This exciting video fully explains the techniques of modern kendo. Kendo is both an art and an exciting sport. Its roots lie deep in the culture of Japan and the spirit of the samurai warrior. This is Kendo Today features Sensei George Alexander as your instructor. He is a world renowned martial arts teacher and author. He fully explains how to where the dogu protective armor, the use of the shinai, bamboo practice sword, as well as dojo etiquette. This video gives a concise explanation of the techniques of kendo including fighting postures, stances, footwork, basic strikes, warm up drills (kiri kaeishi), explanation of Zen concepts in swordsmanship and much much more! This is the video you’ve been waiting prearranged sparring drills (Yakusoku Renshu), combination strikes (Nidan/Sandan Waza) and sword point control. It also includes many "never before seen on video" advanced sparring (Keiko) techniques such as shikake waza (Attacking Techniques), Oji Waza (receiving Techniques) and an for on Kendo! "A Great Video to Learn Real Kendo" says Dr. Gordon Warner author of the book This is Kendo. 90 min.