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Kendo Principles III - Advanced DVD

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Kendo Principles Part III explains advanced movements of Kendo using the Bogu (Protector Armor for Kendo). It also illustrates examples, and incorrect moves which students tend to make. This video can be a useful self-training guide for Kenshis who are experienced in Kendo, in order to improve their techniques and have an in-depth understanding of the advanced techniques. Dojo Instructors can also take full use of this video as an additional instruction material for their students. This video is all narrated in English, for easy understanding and the camera is taken from various angles. Many slow motion shots were taken to illustrate good and bad examples from different angles. Topics shown in this video are the following: SHIKAKE WAZA: Omote Kara Men, Ura Kara Men, Ura Kara Kote, Tobikomi Do, Kote Men (Omote), Kote Men (Ura), Tsuki Men, Maki Waza NUKI-WAZA: Kote Nuki Men SURIAGE WAZA: Kote Suriage Men (Omote), Kote Suriage Men (Ura), Kote Suriage Kote, Men Suriage Men (Omote), Men Suriage Men (Ura), Men Suriage Kote KAESHI WAZA: Men Kaeshi Do, Men Kaeshi Gyaku Do, Kote Kaeshi Men DEBANA WAZA: De-Kote, Degashira Men, Nuki Do, Nuki Gyaku Do, Ai Kote Men TSUBAZERIAI: Men From Tsubazeri, Kote from Tubazeri, Do from Tubazeri, Gyaku Do from Tsubazeri This is the Part III of the video series that Taro Ariga is making with Koby Shimada. More advanced techniques, drills, class teaching techniques, tournament rules to come in the near future. KENDO INSTRUCTION BY TARO ARIGA UCHITACHI TARO ARIGA / MOTOTACHI SONG YI CHOI NARRATION BY KANAKO YAMAGISHI EQUIPMENT BY E-BOGU.COM INC. SPECIAL THANKS TO TUSTIN KENDO DOJO MUSIC SELECTION BY KOBY SHIMADA WRITTEN BY TARO ARIGA SPECIAL THANKS TO SONG YI CHOI (KENDO 4 DAN - KOREAN WOMEN NATIONAL TEAM 2000) DIRECTED BY KOBY SHIMADA PRODUCED BY KOBY SHIMADA Note: This DVD can be played in both English and Spanish. Also it features DVD capabilities such as quick search of your favorite sections