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EFLT-online DVD workout – for Muay-thai, MMA and Kickboxing Exercise Videos

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Product Features
  • 24 MINUTES HD DVD video with SPECIAL EFFECTS for ultrafast results
  • ONE OF THE BEST WORKOUTS ever for those, who is engaged in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. FOR EVERYBODY! For men and women of any age
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY: zero equipment or extra investment needed
  • MORE THAN 100 THOUSANDS of students all over the world
  • 100% EXCLUSIVE material and the way of its presentation - NO existing similar offers!
Product Description
Get 24 minutes of a high-quality workout program with maximum results in minimum time. This video would be useful for anyone who practice Muay Thai, MMA or Kickboxing. This basic video lesson consists of six parts. Through special effects, detailed description and dynamics of performance, you can increase your level of fighting techniques, master the subtleties of punches (jab, cross, hook or an uppercut) and lay a good base for knee and kick attacks (low-kick, high-kick, front-kick). And burn the excess calories as well!