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Learn Kung Fu Take Downs and Controls - Instructional Training Video

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Learn and explore the practical applications of some of Kung Fu's Take Downs and Controls. This step by step instructional DVD teaches you how to take down an attacker and keep control of him once you get him on the ground. Principles include joint locking, Chin Na, sweeps, Knife & stick defense, controlling an opponent, as well as touching on several other basic principles of Shaolin Kung Fu. It definitely keeps you wanting more.
Sifu Wallace thoroughly explains the techniques so that even a beginner, with a little practice, can easily understand and learn how to defend and control an attacker. Using basic principles of movement and leverage to gain tactical advantage for defensive techniques making sure you're placed for optimum counters.
This is definitely an asset to anyone who wants to learn or better their defensive tactics. Running time roughly 1 hour.

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