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Fairtex HG13 Full Face Head Guard, Lace Up and Cover Equipment Headgear Muai Thai, Head Guard Thai Boxing, Helmet MMA, Headguards Kickboxing, Head Protection Headpiece (Black Cover, Large)

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Black Cover
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • Eliminates Blind Spot Found in Standard Head Guard, Allowing Better Peripheral Vision While Still Providing Maximum Safety
  • Black, Black Red, White-Black Collor
  • Wide Vision for Better Diagonal View,Eliminating Blind Spot Improved Reinforced Cheek and Chin Protection to Prevent Flatten Cover.
  • Fairtex HG13 Model is "Cover" and "Lace Up" in an Original New Design
  • Handemade in Thai. Free Shipping
Product Description
Fairtex HG13 Model is "Cover" and "Lace Up", Cheek and Chin Protection and Very Good Visibility. Fairtex Headgear HG14 Offers a Great Balance Between Coverage, Visibility, and Weight. Ideal for when You Need More Protection During Sparring. If You Are Recovering From a Nose Injury But Still Need to Train Or if You have Had Nose Surgery.