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Tiger Claw - Wushu Practice Broadsword w/Scabbard - 32" blade by Tiger Claw

  • Comes with a wood scabbard.
  • Ultra light weight wushu blade, easy to make that popping sound.
  • It's a single edge un-sharpened sword.

CAS Hanwei Practical Wushu Sword by CAS Hanwei

  • Very light and quick
  • Audible "water song"
  • Highly flexible

Tiger Claw Light Wushu Broadsword - 22" by AK

  • Light wushu blade
  • Comes with a wood scabbard
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance

Ace Martial Arts Supply Martial Art Kung Fu Wu Shu Hook Swords Set (2-Piece), Black by Ace Martial Arts Supply

  • Features decorative hamon and bo-hi for audible feed back while swung
  • Blade is made from high quality carbon steel 1045
  • Handmade Shirasaya

Shaolin Whip by Tiger Claw

  • Approximately 90" long.
  • These handcrafted whips have a solid wood handle,
  • a tapering woven lash and a nylon cracker.

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