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Deer Antler Knives by Tiger Claw

  • Please note that this weapon is for practice and performance only,...
  • Shape like Deer Horn. Sold in pairs. No scabbard.
  • Medium weight steel.

Rope Dart/Sheng biao/Stainless steel Material/China wushu/Two styles to choose (circular, 1) by Kung Fu

  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China;
  • Dart length:Full 5.5"/14Cm;Rope length:Full 156"/4m;Package...
  • Material:Stainless steel;

Tiger Claw - Wushu Practice Broadsword w/Scabbard - 22" blade by Tiger Claw

  • Ultra light weight wushu blade, easy to make that popping sound.
  • It's a single edge un-sharpened sword.
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.

Wushu Practice Sword by Tiger Claw

  • Note that these weapons are all handmade and subject to slight...
  • Ultralight metal blade, easy to make that popping sound
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.

Taiji spear/Overall stainless steel/Black two rod/Chinese martial arts equipment by Kung Fu

  • Overall Length:Full 70"/180cm,Edge 12"/30CM;(There may be...
  • Sword Type:Hand Made;Package weight:2KG;
  • Condition:Brand New;

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