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Shanren Sports Sword Bags - Sword Carrying Case Dark Red, Blue and Green (dark red) by Shan Ren Sports

  • ★Widen adjustable shoulder strap design meet the needs of different...
  • ★There is an inter-layer in the sword bag,and the design of...
  • ★Two external zippered pockets to store your personal...

Tiger Claw Exotic Weapon - Hard Whip (Bian) by Tiger Claw

  • Its weight makes it perfect for training sword or any short weapon.
  • Approx. measurements: 25" long and weighs 5 lbs.
  • It is made from solid steel construction of superb craftsmanship.

Stainless Kung Fu Broadsword - 26" blade by Tiger Claw

  • These broadswords are all handmade and subject to slight variations.
  • The light weight blade is very responsive, yet stiff enough to...
  • Blade is made of stainless steel and comes with a wood scabbard.

Tiger Claw 9 Ring Broadsword Wushu Steel by Tiger Claw

  • This nine ring broadsword is handmade from Lungquan County, China.
  • Traditional soft steel - bendable sword
  • Single edged blade with 9 attached steel rings.

Wushu Practice Sword by Tiger Claw

  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.
  • Note that these weapons are all handmade and subject to slight...
  • Comes with tassel and a wood scabbard.

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