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Loong sword/Chinese Hand Forged Tai Chi Sword sale Flexible Blade Full Tang&Red Tassel/Rosewood scabbard/wushu/Length 40" by longquan sword

  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang...
  • Uses:Ancient Chinese cold weapons,Collection,Home...
  • Material:Damascus steel/pattern steel,flexible blade;Sword...

Tiger Claw - Wushu Practice Twin Broadsword w/Scabbard - 26" blade by Tiger Claw

  • Ultralight metal blade, easy to make that popping sound.
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.
  • Note that these weapons are all handmade and subject to slight...

Tiger Claw Wushu Practice Broadsword w/Scabbard - 30" blade by Tiger Claw

  • It's a single edge un-sharpened sword.
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.
  • Ultra light weight wushu blade, easy to make that popping sound.

Tiger Claw - Bamboo Shield by Tiger Claw

  • Approximate measurements: Diameter of ornament measures about 21''...
  • Used in the battle to protect yourself against weapons.
  • Object may slightly vary from photo.

LARGE 14" Wing Chun Kung Fu Rattan Training Ring Siu Lum sticky hands Juen Ging Whirlpool Energy by I & I Sports

  • Designed for developing Juen Ging or Whirlpool Energy.
  • Approximately 1" thick
  • 14" diameter Large version of our popular Wing Chun Ring!

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