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Tiger Claw - Wushu Practice Broadsword w/Scabbard - 28" blade by Tiger Claw

  • Ultra light weight wushu blade, easy to make that popping sound.
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.
  • It's a single edge un-sharpened sword.

Tai Ji Sword Stainless steel Wu Shu Sword Soft Chinese Sword Brass Fittings

  • 1.Stainless steel blade sword 2. Fully handmade,full tang no sharp...

Tiger Claw Twin Broadsword - Twin Kan Dao by Tiger Claw

  • Made of light steel for fast action. Single edge sword un-sharpened.
  • Handcrafted for competition use. Due to different shipments and or...
  • Traditional Chinese paired swords

Shanren Sports Sword Bags - Sword Carrying Case Dark Blue and Green (dark blue) by Shan Ren Sports

  • The sword bag Material is oxford cloth, waterproof
  • The sword case Color is Dark red, blue and dark green. Buy 2pcs can...
  • Black shoulder straps, durable, elastic and adjustable

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