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LARGE 14" Wing Chun Kung Fu Rattan Training Ring Siu Lum sticky hands Juen Ging Whirlpool Energy by I & I Sports

  • Designed for developing Juen Ging or Whirlpool Energy.
  • Approximately 1" thick
  • 14" diameter Large version of our popular Wing Chun Ring!


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DevilFish 76" Smooth Martial Arts Training Staff by DevilFish

  • New shipment with Improved overall thickness and weight. Comes...
  • Waxwood staves are flexible. Some bending might happen during...
  • smooth finish, natural waxwood

Tiger Claw Deer Antler Knives by Tiger Claw

  • Please note that this weapon is for practice and performance only,...
  • Medium weight steel.
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance.

Kung Fu Rope Dart/Sheng biao/Chinese wushu Taichi equipment/Stainless steel by Kung Fu

  • Dart length:Full 7"/18CM;Package weight:0.5KG
  • Material:Stainless steel;Sword Type:Handmade
  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China

Tiger Claw Kung Fu Fighting Iron Fan - Martial Arts Weapon by Tiger Claw

  • Due to different manufacturers and or shipments, the design and...
  • Weight: 14 oz - Length: 13" closed, 2' open
  • It bears the characters for "Chinese Martial Arts Fan" on the front...

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