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BladesUSA 1606PP Martial Arts Training Broad Sword, Polypropylene, Black, 34-1/2-Inch Length by BladesUSA

  • 34-1/2-inch overall length
  • Closely replicates the weight and feel of a real sword
  • Martial arts training broad sword made of heavy grade polypropylene


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Bobags XL Martial Arts 72" (6 Foot) Bo Staff/Sword / Long Weapons Bag by Bobags

  • Durable construction including bust-proof single panel bottom
  • Made in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Extra long main pocket for 6 foot staff

48 inches FOAM BO

  • 1 inch diameter PVC core tube.
  • A light practice weapon.
  • Covered with a 1/8 inch thick black foam skin.

Tiger Claw Foam Bo Staff - 60" by Tiger Claw
Revgear Economy Padded Staff (6-Feet) by Revgear

  • Light and durable bo staff covered with thick black rubber foam
  • Size: 4',5',6'

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