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Tiger Claw Long Weapon - Pudao Combat Steel by Tiger Claw

  • It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime.
  • NOTE: The weapon case is not provided.
  • Traditionally handcrafted forge steel made heavy for high quality...

Tiger Claw Long Weapon - Pudao Wushu Steel by Tiger Claw

  • This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a...
  • Please note that this weapon is for practice and performance only,...
  • NOTE: the weapon case is not provided.

The Bandit Knife: Kung Fu's Rebellious Weapon ~Book and DVD

  • Authentic Kung Fu,
  • Rarely seen applications
  • Detailed notes on the weapon and its background

Tiger Claw Long Weapon - Wushu Long Stick Axe by Tiger Claw

  • Note: The carrying case is extra, can't be return for exchange.
  • DISCLAIMER: This is an OVERSIZED item. Due to its size, it can only...
  • Chrome plated for easy maintenance. An axe is attached on one side...

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