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A whole set of traditional 18 pieces of wushu long weapons 18 weapons of Kung Fu Eighteen Arms of Wushu by everythingwushu

  • All wushu kungfu products at everythingwushu website

37 3/7" Chinese LongQing Foam Sword with Scabbard 32102 by SparkFoam

  • For 1 sword with 1 scabbard.
  • Detailed Handle and Plastic Scabbard
  • Sparkfoam Vinyl Wrapping with dense EVA foam & fiberglass inner...

Premium Solid Hardwood Wushu Long Weapon Racks Sword Stands by everythingwushu

  • All huge wushu kungfu products at everythingwushu

Heavy Duty Wushu Double Sided Halberd Martial Arts Equipment Wushu long Weapon by everythingwushu

  • Huge wushu kungfu products at everyhtingwushu website

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