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Emei Piercers by Tiger Claw

  • Original from Emei Mountain Martial Arts System. Emei Piercers are...
  • Consists of a thin, symmetrically tapered metal rod about 12" long
  • Either end is topped with a sharp diamond-shaped point...

Tiger Claw Long Weapon - Pudao Combat Steel by Tiger Claw

  • This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a...
  • It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime.
  • NOTE: The weapon case is not provided.


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BO Carry Case - KMA 188cm x 12cm - SINGLE -Long Straff Wu-Shu Carry Case VINYL With Adjustable Shoulder Strap

  • BO Carry Case - KMA 188cm x 12cm - SINGLE -Long Straff Wu-Shu Carry...
  • Quality Carry Case for BO

Tiger Claw - Dragon Head Kwan Dao by Tiger Claw

  • This Kwan Dao has a beautifully cast solid brass Dragon Head fittings.
  • Top quality shows proud of workmenship. Perfect (balanced) weight...
  • A thick yet flexible steel blade with a protective chrome finish.

Tiger Claw Long Weapon - Kwan Dao Wushu Steel by Tiger Claw

  • This wushu kwan dao is made of light forge steel. A weapon of masters.
  • A broad blade that measures approx. 21'' in length. It's named...
  • DISCLAIMER: This is an OVERSIZED item. Due to its size, it can only...

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