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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong with Solid Wooden Body - Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Complimentary Striking Protective Pads by AugustaPro

  • This style of Wooden Dummies comes has a wood body with a tripod base.
  • 5YR warranty on Wooden Dummy body for normal practice use.
  • The Body is of 67" in Height; 8" in diameter. The Wooden Dummy arms...

Martial Arts Black Polypropylene Plastic Shaolin Wing Chun Traning Knives by Playwell

  • Great for Training And Self Defence Techniques
  • Total Length : 18 Inches
  • Ideal Replica of the Real Version


Free shipping

AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy - Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy by AugustaPro

  • * Half Iron Body is of 21" in Height 6" in diameter
  • * Wall mounting space saver alternative to full Wing Chun Dummy
  • * Wooden Dummy arms extend 12.6" from the dummy body;The dummy arms...

Wing Chun butterfly knife(Folding steel blade,Brown Leather scabbard,Brass handle) by Loong sword

  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang...
  • Package weight:6.6lbs/3kg(approximately)Overall...
  • Scabbard:Brown Leather; Handle:Brass

Wing Chun double knife martial arts equipment in China Medium carbon steel blade by longquan sword

  • Uses:Ancient Chinese cold weapons,Collection,Home...
  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang...
  • Package Weight (with Scabbard):5.5lbs/2.5kg(approximately);Overall...

Wing Chun Butterfly Knives - review

Wing Chun Butterfly Knives - review Master Wong reviews and discusses the benefits of equipment from the various brands suitable for martial arts training ...

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    06/02/16 ,via Los Angeles Times

    In the Chinese martial arts saga “The Final Master,” set in the 1930s, blades replace fists, but realistically beautiful movement trumps fantasy bloodletting and sardonic wit replaces heroic earnestness. An often convoluted story of Traveling

  • Film Review: 'The Final Master'

    06/03/16 ,via Variety

    It looks like a giant Swiss Army knife, and when Chen and one of his opponents go at each other, whipping those double-edged blade blossoms through the air (whoosh! whoosh! whoosh!), then slamming the That movie was also the tale of a Wing Chun

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  • 'Into The Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons' – RECAP

    12/07/15 ,via CDA News

    Elsewhere, M.K. was practicing his martial arts with a wooden Wing Chun dummy. He had a folding knife, and was thinking about cutting his palm, but he folded the knife and put it away. Sunny watched from a distance. Jade was talking about being the new 


Nice Quality authentic Wing Chun Butterfly kendo Sword knives, IP man kendo kung fu traini 11/21/16, @TIrmbjk ,view...
Economic Wing Chun Butterfly Knives Bart Cham Dao Wing Chun Swords for beginners students 11/18/16, @SaA3i ,view...
Check out Training Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Black Knives Pair Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer via @eBay 11/17/16, @MMAForge ,view...
Stunning 76 years old Wing Chun Sifu -The ButterFly Knives Form: via @YouTube 11/16/16, @Sifuzak ,view...
Check out Butterfly Training Swords Black Wing Chun Knives Pair Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer 11/15/16, @MMAForge ,view...

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  • Bedfordshire Wing Chun Kuen

    There has been some chatter & a lot of referencing to CHMA, especially from me (Bedfordshire Wing Chun Kuen) & Paul (WuShan ... myself have extensively practised the weapons of Wing Chun such as the Butterfly Knives & Dragon Pole..

  • Wing Chun Butterfly Knives

    1-total length: 49cm, 2-blade length: 33cm, 3-blade width: 6.2-7.6cm 4-blade thick: 0.4cm, 5-what kind of heating treatment: Water or professional oil

  • Film Review: ‘The Final Master’

    Xu Haofeng's historical martial-arts thriller is a bit choppy, but its deadly Wing Chun fight scenes ... is a dragon pole with a pair of butterfly swords attached to each end. It looks like a giant Swiss Army knife, and when Chen and one of his opponents ...


Wing Chun Butterfly knife

The Butterfly knives are one of the unique weapons utilized by the Wing Chun system. Traditionally these short swords made it possible for the Wing Chun ...

Wing Chun - William Cheung - Butterfly Knife form

Wing Chun Butterfly Knives Form - AMAZING! Bart Cham Dao Techniques - Duration: 6:41. Wing Chun Kid - Tai Chi JKD Kung Fu 5,089 views

Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Butterfly Knives - Bot Jarm ...

A selection of Wing Chun Butterfly Swords (Butterfly Knives, Bart Jarm Do) for Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, Wing Chun Kung-Fu.

Butterfly Swords - Wing Chun World

Wing Chun Bart Cham Dao Butterfly Swords Butterfly Knives Eight Slashing

Wing Chun Knife Form - Bart Cham Dao

Info about the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu's final form, Baat Cham Dao or Eight cutting knives. The butterfly knife form in Wing Chun.

buy wing chun learning the butterfly knives bart jarm do formay
buy wing chun learning the butterfly knives bart jarm do formay
China Wing Chun Butterfly Knives - China Wing Chun Butterfly Knives ...
China Wing Chun Butterfly Knives - China Wing Chun Butterfly Knives ...
... Rubber/Foam/Plastic Weapons :: Foam Rubber Wing Chun Butterfly Knives
... Rubber/Foam/Plastic Weapons :: Foam Rubber Wing Chun Butterfly Knives

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