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BladesUSA E472-PP Martial Arts Polypropylene Training Tai Chi Sword, 39-Inch Length by BladesUSA

  • Offers a safe way to learn the craft of weapons training
  • Perfect weight and balance for Tai Chi practice
  • Removable hand guard; dragon head pommel


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Ace Martial Arts Supply Kendo Wooden Bokken Practice Samurai Katana Sword, 40-Inch by Ace Martial Arts Supply

  • Ideal for practice
  • Burgundy/Rosewood color
  • True grip design resembles real sword



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Cold Steel Training Dagger by Cold Steel

  • Made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available
  • Impervious to the elements
  • Virtually unbreakable



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CS92BKHNHZ-BRK Training Hand & A Half Sword by Cold Steel

  • Made in USA or imported
  • Category name: new products
  • Made in: taiwan



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Cold Steel CS92BKGMZ-BRK Gladius Trainer by Cold Steel

  • Made in: taiwan
  • Made in USA or imported
  • Category name: new products

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