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BladesUSA SW-041 Martial Art Hardwood Tai Chi Sword 38.5-Inch Overall by BladesUSA

  • Tai Chi Sword
  • Dragon Printed On Wood Scabbard
  • 38.5" Overall



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BladesUSA Js-106 Tai Chi Sword 38.5-Inch Overall by BladesUSA

  • Includes Intricate Dragon Carved Scabbard
  • 38.5" Overall
  • Tai Chi Sword



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BladesUSA 1602 Martial Art Hardwood Training Tai Chi Sword 36-Inch Overall by BladesUSA

  • 36-Inch Overall
  • Wooden Practice Sword for Tai Chi


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ICNBYS Chinese Extendable Tai Chi Sword by ICNBUYS

  • Warm skid handle
  • High quality smooth stainless steel
  • Free sword spike



BladesUSA E472-PP Martial Arts Polypropylene Training Tai Chi Sword, 39-Inch Length by BladesUSA

  • Removable hand guard; dragon head pommel
  • Martial arts training sword made of heavy grade polypropylene
  • Perfect weight and balance for Tai Chi practice

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