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2 Ninja Costume Foam Nunchakus. Boys Pretend Ninja Play. Children Kids Karate Practice Nunchucks. by Ninja Toys

  • ★ Great for gifts, stocking stuffers, and party favors.
  • ★ Stealthy little ninjas need to make sure they are prepared for...
  • ★ Fun foam nunchakus


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Aship Safety Foam Martial Art Sticks with Steel Swivel Chain - Martial Arts Supply Karate Sticks for Kids & Beginners Practice and Training - Yellow 30.5CM/12" by Aship

  • 🌟 High Quality: Sturdy and durable chain that doesn't break...
  • 🌟 Designed for Practice: Made of high quality foam. Ideal...
  • 🌟Suitable: Good for Kungfu Lover and Beginner to practice .


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Sensei David Ball Bearing Foam Nunchakus with Video Lessons by Sensei David

  • ✓ SOFT FOAM & LIGHTWEIGHT - Firm sponge core handles surrounded by...
  • PRACTICE FLEXIBILITY & AGILITY: Improve the body's flexibility,...
  • FREE VIDEO LESSONS (Online lessons by Sensei David, instruction...

LOVIZA Training Equipment Safety Foam Martial Art Sticks with Swivel Chain by LOVIZA

  • CHAIN ATTACHMENT: Ensure the safety while practicing . Strong and...
  • Suitable for adults or for young people who can play with it. It...
  • Improve the body's flexibility, coordination and agility. Develop...

Elite Force 9.6V 1600 mAh NiMh Nunchuck AEG Battery

Seller: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Pyramyd Air Gun Mall by Elite Force Elite Force

AEG battery NiMh cell Nunchuck type 9.6 volts 1600 mAh capacity

Elite Force 8.4V 1600 mAh NiMh Nunchuck AEG Battery

Seller: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Pyramyd Air Gun Mall by Elite Force Elite Force

AEG battery NiMh cell Nunchuck type 8.4 volts 1600 mAh capacity

TSD Intellect 10.8V 2300mAh Med-Nunchuck Type Airsoft Battery

Seller: HobbyTron HobbyTron

This is the TSD Intellect 10.8v 2300mAh Med-Nunchuck Type Battery. Perfect for any Airsoft soldier looking to add more power to your guns arsenal!


Latest News

  • Startled victim beats burglar with nunchucks, cops say

    05/04/16 ,via

    A would-be burglar remains in the hospital after picking the wrong apartment to break into over the weekend, Allentown police said. Tiquan Hamilton, 27, was using a screwdriver Saturday night to try to open the door to an apartment in the 300 block of

  • Allentown man catches burglar in act, bashes his head with nunchucks

    05/03/16 ,via Allentown Morning Call

    Hamilton was surprised, and the man hit him twice with the nunchucks, once on the forehead and once on the back of the head, records show. Hamilton dropped the screwdriver and fled the building, the man told police. Officers were dispatched and a short 

  • Cops find nunchucks and suspected stash of cocaine in Sunday swoop

    04/17/16 ,via Dudley News

    THE police got more than they bargained for when they arrested a drunk driver in Stourbridge today (Sunday) - a car containing nunchucks and suspected stash of cocaine. The police arrested a man in his 20s on Mamble Road, Wollaston, for drink driving 

  • Anderson Police training to use nunchucks

    10/22/15 ,via KRCRTV.COM

    The Anderson Police Department will start using nunchucks as a way to forcibly restrain suspects. Though nunchucks are not new to law enforcement, they are making a come back in Shasta County. They originated in Japan and have been used in martial 

  • Nunchucks, popularized by Bruce Lee, come to California police agency

    11/04/15 ,via CNN International

    But nunchucks, (sometimes referred to as nunchaku), were once used by as many as 200 police departments nationwide in the 1980s and 1990s to "more compassionately" and "more safely" control suspects, limiting injuries to both officers and those 


RT @imsaulsanchez1: Real ninja with a blade & a mask , got them gold ninja stars & red Supreme nunchucks 11/24/16, @Michaelshewrote ,view...
@CodyGray26 I'll take the shortest Cody you've got, must have a talent that involves nunchucks and a rather small pecker 11/24/16, @JonathanThelen1 ,view...
Real ninja with a blade & a mask , got them gold ninja stars & red Supreme nunchucks 11/24/16, @imsaulsanchez1 ,view...
RT @SuperTeeWhy: HER: Baby, let's play fantasy, what's your fantasy ME: *already wearing chaps and a snorkel while holding nunchucks* idk… 11/24/16, @deadstick_ron ,view...
@Peady I'm street smart. Wait, where are my nunchuks? (I'm not spelling smart..hence not knowing how to spell nunchucks). LOL! 11/24/16, @LisaThornbury ,view...

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  • 'The Summer Is Gone': Tallinn Review

    Shortly afterwards, it is revealed that he has crafted them into a creditable pair of home made nunchucks for his son, Xiaolei (Kong Weiyi). From that point on, although they are rarely mentioned, Xiaolei is never without them. He wears them draped around ...


Nunchaku - Wikipedia

Een nunchaku of nunchucks (Chinees: 雙節棍, shuāng jié gùn; 兩節棍, liǎng jié gùn "tweedelige staf"; 二節棍, èr jié gùn ; Japans: ヌンチャク ...

Nunchaku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nunchaku consist of two sections of wood connected by a cord or chain, though variants may include additional sections of wood and chain. In China, the striking stick ...

Nunchaku, Nunchucks, Martial Arts Weapons

Nunchaku for sale, over 87 different styles, nunchucks, martial arts weapon, learn, practice, great for self defense, cheap prices.

Largest Selection of Ninja Nunchucks, Nunchaku, & Escrima!

Largest Selection of Ninja Nunchucks, Nunchaku, & Escrima! Ball-bearing, Wooden, Acrylic, Steel, Aluminum, Convertible to Escrima, Bruce Lee, & more

Nunchucks Pro

This guy thinks hes the man with nunchucks but as he trys a backflip he knocks himself out and then trys to stand up again. So Funny.

karate gkr nunchuck
Photo by The-E on Flickr
nintendo wii nunchuck
Photo by Frenkieb on Flickr
make tubes cardboard nunchucks
Blog post: Nunchucks...
Photo by Pete Prodoehl on Flickr
Nunchucks 12
Nunchucks 12
Description Uncommon nunchucks.jpg
Description Uncommon nunchucks.jpg
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Michelangelo Nunchucks - Punchbowl
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Michelangelo Nunchucks - Punchbowl

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