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Playwell Martial Arts Weapons Stand - Kobudo Stand by Playwell

  • High Quality Martial Arts Weapon Stand Exclusive to Amazon
  • Thi stand Can Hold Either - Tonfas, Sais, or Kamas
  • Sais not included

Playwell Martial Arts Black Polypropylene Plastic Kamas - NEW by Playwell

  • Great for Training And Self Defence Techniques
  • Made From Polypropylene - Known To be a Unbreakable Material
  • Super Low Price for Amazon



Free shipping

Buki Yuushuu Gold Diamond Plated Kamas, Black Blade by Buki Yuushuu

  • Perfect your Kama skills with the lightest Kamas for sale on the...
  • These Kamas weigh less than 3.5oz each and are sold in pairs
  • These Kamas are not sharp and are not made for contact, using them...

Elite Competition Kama-Traditional Blade - Blue by Tiger Claw

  • Trimmed in Mylar metallic and glitter tape.
  • Comes in 3 colors: Red, Blue, Black; case included.
  • A champion competitor's delight!

TMAS Graphite Competition Kama, Black by TMAS

  • Used for kobudo weapon competition training
  • 6.5" chrome-protected pierced blade
  • Sold as a pair

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