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Stainless Steel Rope Dart by Unknown

  • A real Chinese weapon
  • Heavy Stainless Steel Dart (11oz) with 11″ of rope & a red flag.

Longquan sword/Meteor Hammer/Rubber Materials/Chinese martial arts/China wu shu by Kung Fu

  • Material-rubber;Sword Type--Hand Made;
  • For Chinese Wushu exercises.
  • Diameter--6CM;Rope--4M; Package weight--0.5kg;

China kung fu/Meteor Hammer/Stainless steel/Chinese martial arts/Two styles (9.5CM) by Kung Fu

  • For Chinese Wushu exercises
  • Material-Stainless steel;Sword Type--Hand Made
  • Diameter--8.5CM/9.5CM;Rope--4M; Package weight--0.8kg

Rope dart,Stainless steel,Chinese martial arts equipment Distribution,kung fu by Lin creative

  • Diameter:5.9 inch/15cm;Rope:4M
  • Chinese kung fu training equipment
  • Spearhead Material:Stainless steel

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