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Rothco Flashlight Side Handle Mount System/Black by Rothco

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Foam Covered Tonfa by ProForce

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YMAA Bundle: SAI DVD and Black Sai Pair Sai with Sai Instructional DVD by Nicholas Yang by YMAA

  • Overall length is 18". The sai is made of black-painted stainless...

Mooto TAEKI Weapon Patch(10PCS) Taekwondo Uniform Dobok (Tonfa B-026) by Mooto

  • Put the PATCH in accordance with each level after you decide the...
  • 2. Weapon training program Patch consists of Breaking, Nunchaku,...
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  • Bredase karateka's bij World Black Belt Seminar

    05/02/16 ,via Internetbode

    Tijdens dit seminar, georganiseerd door de NKA/IFK Nederland, kwamen alle aspecten van het Kyokushin Karate aan bod. Het programma was zo opgebouwd dat je lessen naar keuze kon volgen in Kihon, Kata, Kumite (gevechtstraining), Bunkai (zelverdediging

  • Eine Mischung aus vielen Kampftechniken

    04/29/16 ,via Badische Zeitung

    Taekwondo ist eine Mischung aus allem, es beinhaltet extrem viele verschiedene Techniken aus unterschiedlichen Kampfsportarten wie Judo, MMA oder Tonfa. Genau das macht es so einzigartig und spannend, weil eben von Bereits mit neun Jahren habe ich

  • San Jacinto College students excel at international karate tournament

    03/24/16 ,via Your Houston News

    Karate weapons featured in the tournament included Tonfa, Bo, Jo, Nunchaku and Sai. Age groups ranged from 4 years old to over 50. Skill levels were Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced (from under 6 months of training to over 50 years of 

  • Martial arts school in Russia to offer world's first combat training using SELFIE-STICKS

    11/17/15 ,via Daily Mail

    carry on themselves is a selfie-stick,' a spokesman told Russian media. Instructors have based their course on ancient fighting methods using Okinawan tonfa with improvised techniques that make use use of the selfie-sticks' adjustable length and range.

  • Small NorCal Police Department to Use Nunchucks

    10/27/15 ,via Breitbart News

    In Anderson, California, population 10,000, the police department has a unique tool to deal with violent suspects: nunchucks. Sgt. Casey Day told KRCR-TV that the nunchucks are useful for situations requiring police to use force a suspect to the ground


Kobudo Sommercamp Landau Arnis Tonfa Police Baton 2015/YOUTUBE 11/24/16, @karate_demodori ,view...
Some of us run Hamahiga no Sai and/or Tonfa. These pictures are from Hamahiga Island off the east coast of Okinawa. 11/24/16, @Okinawan_Karate ,view...
RT @senseij_c: #Selfdefence with Tonfa @Inside_Magzines @FlintshireDaily @NorthWalesDaily #Karate #mma #jiujitsu #fitness… 11/16/16, @raulikid ,view...

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  • Rebelo's Kenpo Karate

    At Rebelo's Kenpo Karate, November is a month to give thanks for our students ... Explore the ancient weapon arts of Japanese Swordsmanship or Okinawan Weaponry (bo,tonfa,nunchaku,sai,nicho gama) to add to your martial arts knowledge!

  • Release Dates & Artwork (Blu-ray, DVD & Video Games)

    In this section, we present all the latest cover artwork for upcoming Blu-ray, DVD and Video Game releases, organized in a handy street date calendar format! Clicking on each cover image will take you to the pre-order page for that title (at ...

Directory | Tonfa: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense (ebook ...

Tonfa: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense Ebook. Announcing the digital edition of Tonfa: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense by Fumio Demura! Author Fumio Demura ...

Tonfa Weapons - Martial Arts Tonfas - Tong Fa - Tuifa ...

Tonfa weapons for sale at! Browse martial arts tonfas, aka tong fa or tuifa, used for blocking and striking. Free shipping avail...

Tonfa - martial arts fighting weapon

Tonfa is widely considered as an Okinawan martial arts weapon and the forerunner of the police sidearm baton. All Kobudo clubs teach their students Tonfa skills

Karate - Tonfa Kata - YouTube

Karate - Tonfa Kata Vince Hernly; 25 videos; 3,695 views; Last updated on Nov 29, ... Pinan nidan no tonfa? Play next; Play now; Matsuhiga No Tonfa.wmv 1 ...

Tonfa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The tonfa (Okinawan: トンファー tonfaa, Malay: topang, Chinese: 柺; pinyin: guǎi) also known as tong fa or tuifa, is a melee weapon best known for its role in ...

martialarts karate tournament seminar kata kobudo blackbelt tonfa shuriryu denisemiller shuricup internationalshuriyryuassociation
Mrs Miller demonstrates a tonfa kata.
Photo by MikeOliveri on Flickr
promotion graduation martialarts karate kata dojo peoria aok shuriryu academyofokinawankarate joseniagerdes
Josenia Gerdes demonstrates a tonfa kata.
Photo by MikeOliveri on Flickr
martialarts karate blackbelt aok mrsmiller tonfa shuriryu academyofokinawankarate
Mrs Miller Tonfa
Mrs Miller during her tonfa kata in the weapons competition.
Photo by MikeOliveri on Flickr
natural wood tonfa from $ 24 95 $ 22 95 black hardwood tonfa from $ 26 ...
natural wood tonfa from $ 24 95 $ 22 95 black hardwood tonfa from $ 26 ...
Tonfa-Karate-Weapon-of-Self-Defense-Literary-links-to-the-Orient-by ...
Tonfa-Karate-Weapon-of-Self-Defense-Literary-links-to-the-Orient-by ...
Image by
Tonfa history - an Okinawan Martial Arts Weapon |
Tonfa history - an Okinawan Martial Arts Weapon |
Image by

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