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Handmade Sword Fully Practical Dragon Samurai Katana Sword, Dragon Tsuba, Fully Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, White Scabbard by Handmade Sword

  • White piano lacquered wood with black Japanese cotton Sageo
  • Iron tsuba, full tang, sharp edge, and functional
  • 1045 fully handmade quality Japanese samurai katana sword


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Japanese Katana Sword, Auway Handforged 9260 Spring Steel Katana Samurai Sword Red Baked Finish Blade with Wooden Scabbard by Auwiy

  • This is a Sharpened and Truly Battle Ready Samurai Sword. This...
  • The Scabbard is Made of High Quality Wood; the Tsuba (guard) is...
  • This Katana is Made in Long Quan, China, an Old Town Known by it's...


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Eforlife 2-Tier Sword Holder Wall Mount Samurai Sword Display Stand Hanger Hollow Out Pattern for Katana Wakizashi and Standard Swords (Bushido-武)

  • Material: Wood; Color: All black. Sturdy and decent to hold a basic...
  • Package: 2-tier sword holder including mounting hardware. Well...
  • Chinese character 武 represents Bushido, which is a code of honor...



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BladesUSA YK-58BF4 Katana Samurai Sword Set 3 Piece 40-Inch Overall by BladesUSA

  • Country of origin: China
  • Brand name: miscellaneous
  • Category name: swords-daggers-replicas


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Handmade Sword - Samurai Wakizashi Swords, Functional, Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, Wave Tsuba, Black Wooden Scabbard by Handmade Sword

  • Brass Wave Tsuba, Full Tang, Sharp Edge, and Functional
  • Approx 21 blade 9.5 handle and overall 32
  • 1045 Fully Hand Forged Quality Japanese Samurai Wakizashi Sword

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