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Lin sword Lance,Spear(High Carbon Steel Blade,Stainless Steel Rod) Handmade,Length 76" by Lin sword

  • Material:High carbon steel,In the middle of blue;
  • Rod:Stainless steel black,Divided into two sections;
  • Package weight:3KG; Overall Length:76"/190cm; Spearhead...



Chinese Ancient Cold Weapons,Handmade Lance,High Carbon Steel,Kung fu by Lin sword

  • Condition:Brand new; Origin:China zhejiang longquan....
  • Overall Length: 83inch/210cm; Spearhead Length:18inch/48cm; Fitting...
  • Spearhead Material:High carbon steel;



Lin sword,Chinese Spear,Damascus Steel,Alloy Tail,Handmade by Lin sword

  • Blade Material:China Damascus steel/Folding pattern steel;
  • Package weight:1KG;The tail parts made of Alloy;
  • Sword Type:Hand Made Sword;

Lin Sword,Short Spear,High Manganese Steel Spearhead,Length 27 inch by Lin creative

  • Overall Length:27inch/71cm; Spearhead Length:11inch/30cm;
  • Weight(with Scabbard):3.3lbs/1.5kg(approximately);
  • Spearhead Material:High manganese steel,etching pattern;

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