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TopTie Middleweight Karate Student Elastic Waist Pants-Black-Size 2 4'8"-5'1"/90-120 LBS by TopTie

  • Size 2: Suggested Height 4'8" - 5'1", Weight 90 - 120 LBS
  • Twill blend fabric, breathable and comfortable clothes will allow...
  • Best martial arts pants for beginner, be popular with many martial...

Century 12 oz. Traditional Tang Soo Do Jacket with Cuffs Black size 5 by Century

  • Size 2-7- Composed of 100% cotton canvas
  • 12 oz. trimmed uniform jacket.
  • Century 12 oz. Traditional Tang Soo Do Jacket with Cuffs

TOPTIE 7.5 oz Student Martial Arts Karate Uniform with Belt-White Suit-Size 3 by TOPTIE

  • Comes with jacket, pants with white belt
  • Made of 7.5 oz twill blend fabric, breathable and comfortable...
  • A must have for each warrior, best martial arts pants for beginner,...

Pro Force 8oz Medium Weight Tang Soo Do Uniform - Blue - Size 4 (5'7" / 185lbs) by Pro Force

  • Jacket also has an extra layer of material running along the...
  • Jacket has lapel, hem line and cuffs all trimmed with either black...
  • Made of 55% cotton, 45% polyester medium weight blend

Tang Soo Do Korean Empty Hand Self Defense Book of Hyung Volume III

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US

Tang Soo Do Korean Empty Hand Self-Defense Book of Hyung Volume III includes step-by-step written instructions and drawings for learning the advanced Hyungs; Ginto, Jitte, Wang Shu, Kang Sang Koon So, Kang Sang Koon Dai, Oh Sip Sa Bo, Tae Kweuk Kwan Dai a


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  • Southern Cross Tang Soo Do

    Please ensure you have your name on your uniform. If you are attending classes on either ... Frank from Mackay Fire the funds raised at the recent Kick-A-thon. Southern Cross Tang Soo Doo raised over $1600. Frank presents Master Rickard with a Mackay ...

  • Taylor Family Tang Soo Do

    If you like to become a student of Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts come check us out at McCarty's Academy of Karate on Mondays and Fridays @ 6:30pm you still have time to sign up and get a free uniform.


Tang Soo Do - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tang Soo Do (Hangul: 당수도, pronounced ) is a Korean martial art incorporating fighting principles from subak (as described in the Kwon Bup Chong Do), as well as ...

History of Tang Soo Do

Below you will find what I think you will agree is one of the most complete and unbiased recordings of the history and background of Tang Soo Do.

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Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation By Grandmaster John St. James, 8th Dan. The Art of Tang Soo Do (Forms, Weapons, Self Defense, Sparring, One-Step/Flow Sets ...

ProForce® Gladiator 7.5 oz. GUP Trimmed Tang Soo Do ...

These 7.5 oz. GUP trimmed uniforms are made of a 55% cotton, 45% polyester medium weight blend. Jacket has lapel, hem line and cuffs all trimmed with either green or red.


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As a tradition, students paint the sam taeguk on the back of their dobohk upon reaching orange belt (or getting a new uniform) which represents their personal touch and interpretation of the art.
Photo by tommrkr on Flickr
tang soo do uniform
tang soo do uniform
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Tang Soo Do Uniform
Tang Soo Do Uniform
Alaska Tang Soo Do Karate, Inc.
Alaska Tang Soo Do Karate, Inc.

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