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This Is Kendo by George Alexander
Bogu4u= Nippon Kendo Kata DVD (Including One Double-Knit Tenugui) by Bogu4u

  • Language - English
  • Based on "Nippon Kendo Kata Manual" and "Textbook for AJKF Kendo...
  • 56 min

Kendo Principles III - Advanced DVD by Kendo Principles DVD Series


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This is Kendo Today

Latest News

  • Best of March – Part Two

    04/12/16 ,via

    DVD back breaker by Goto and Naito comes back with a Tornado DDT. Forearms by Goto but Naito cuts him . Scurll pulls out a kendo stick and he hits Dieter so hard than when he falls off the apron, it breaks the cuffs open. Scurll pours water on

  • The Two Sheds TV Review: WWE Wrestlemania 32

    So after a ton of tremendous action it looked as if everyone's favourite straight-to-DVD star the Miz was going to walk out with the title. Ambrose managed to get in a couple of kendo stick shots, but the Beast basically manhandled him from pillar

  • Lucha Underground : Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma et Dragon Azteca se parent d'or

    04/29/16 ,via VoxCatch

    Elle lui donne une kendo stick qui se retourne contre Mundo puis une chaise sans effet. Mundo ne sort pas de la cage et tente J'ai des DVD de lui, retraçant sa carrière et proposant notamment ses plus beaux matchs. Le gars, c'était vraiment un truc

  • Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings For Tonight

    03/24/16 ,via Wrestling Inc.

    * Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte in a solid non-title match. Becky Lynch was on commentary and Sasha got the huge hometown pop. Sasha countered the Figure Eight with a roll up for the win. After the match, Becky drops them both and leaves.

  • Throwback Thursday: Looking back at ECW December to Dismember

    03/24/16 ,via (blog)

    Proof of this was when WWE released The Rise and Fall of ECW on DVD in 2004. Until this day, it is . Sandman came in through the crowd, busted himself open with a beer can and proceeded to beat the crap out of Thorn with kendo stick. And that was it.


RT @WTK: [JP BD & DVD] FLIP FLAPPERS v2 cover art: 11/22/16, @e_dub_kendo ,view...

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  • Akasaka Kendo Club [jp] offers expanded company and employee contact details for over 62,600 companies in the entertainment industry as well as representation listings for over 140,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers.

  • News Feed

    Just finished our rehearsal, there's still a few seats left for tomorrow's performance at the Port Jefferson Library. Show starts at 2pm...see you there!! After the show, we will be 'slurping' it at Slurp Ramen!


Detailed online kendo guide and instruction

Want To Learn Kendo? Are you looking for detailed online kendo guide? Are you after good instruction to study this beautiful samurai arts, kendo?



Kendo – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Aikido; Bōjutsu; Bujutsu; Caratê; Iaidô; Iaijutsu; Jiu-jitsu; Judô; Kendo; Kenjutsu; Kyudo; Naguinata-do; Ninjutsu; Sôjutsu; Sumô

AUSKF - All United States Kendo Federation

Governing body for Kendo in the United States of America. Links, newsletter, calendar, seminars, study guide and general information.

剣道総合サイトLET'S KENDO

剣道情報総合サイト。全国大会等の剣道大会の速報、そして試合動画5000本以上を掲載し、剣士インタビューや道場紹介など ...

... DVD > DVD Artes Marciales Japon > DVD Otros Estilos Japón > DVD Kendo
... DVD > DVD Artes Marciales Japon > DVD Otros Estilos Japón > DVD Kendo
DVD Kendo Avanzado. Artes Marciales Japon
DVD Kendo Avanzado. Artes Marciales Japon
List Price: $118.80
List Price: $118.80

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