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5 DVD SET Practical Aikido real-life Street Self Defense Instructional

  • Advanced joint locks and takedowns
  • Judo against weapons
  • Instructional DVDs


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Tenshin Dojo Aikido M. Fujitani

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Martial Arts Instructional Video, Taijutsu Fundamentals Vol.2, Grappling - Ideal for Students of Jinenkan, Bujinkan, Genbukan or Other Japanese Budo, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Karate, Aikido. All Technique From Densho Kata - Taught By Adam Mitchell

  • For Students of Japanese Martial Arts & Ninpo Taijutsu
  • Over 40 Grappling, Restraint and Counter Techniques, Detailed...
  • Taught by Adam Mitchell, 5th Dan

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