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Advanced Wing Chun/Chi Sao Seminar (5) DVD Set

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Advanced Wing Chun (3) DVD Set with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok has been studying Wing Chun since 1967. After moving to the UK in 1972, he studied under Lee Sing. After returning to Hong Kong, Kwok began intensive private study with Grandmaster Ip Chun. He was awarded Master Status in 1981 and represented Ip Chun for many years. Grandmaster Kwok was the first to bring Ip Chun and Ip Ching from Hong Kong, and introduce their teaching to the U.K. Europe, Germany, Australia, Denmark, and the U.S. In 1994, Grandmaster Kwok returned to study with Grandmaster Ip Ching. He is the senior representative of the Ip Man / Ip Chun / Ip Ching lineage in the U.K. and U.S., with certified instructors around the world.


DVD #1 - Advanced Siu Lim Tao - (Little Idea) Form and Application.
DVD #2 - Advanced Chum Kiu - (Seeking the Bridge) Form and Application.
DVD #3 - Advanced Biu Gee (Thrusting Fingers) Form and Application.

Wing Chun Chi Sao Seminar (2) DVD Set with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Chi Sau is often spelled Chi Sao particularity in the US. Chi Sau is the most important part of the learning process of Wing Chun. In this seminar Grandmaster Kwok teaches the advanced level of understand the four factors of proper Chi Sao practice.

Hand techniques (fighting method)
Knowledge of energy use
Sensitivity and relaxation training
Achieving the best positions in sparring

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