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Wing Chun Kung Fu 3 DVD Set Benny Meng Bruce Lee Yip Man Jeet Kune Do JKD

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This auction is for a 3 DVD Set on Wing Chun by Master Benny Meng, English, NTSC Region 0

This series of instructional DVDs will take a student from beginner first level (no sash) to level nine (black sash). The Compete Shaolin Wing Chun series is the first of its kind to address the different ranges of combat, along with drills and exercises that compliment the Wing Chun practitioner's attributes and abilities.

Eight Slashing Sword (Pat Cham To) This DVD exposes the secrets of Wing Chun knife tactics and real application for the first time to the public. The information is presented in several formats throughout the video - solo with and without weapons, partner demonstration, and application - giving you a chance to see the simplicity, directness, and efficiency of this Wing Chun lineage. Approx. 60 minutes

Shaolin Wing Chun Series: Level 1 Volume 2 This is the 2n in a series of DVDs presented by Master Benny Meng and the Ving Tsun Museum. This second video builds on the foundations of the first level, incorporating drills and exercises. Focus mitt training and tombstone bag work are emphasized to improve the student's reaction times and skills. Wing Chun applications are used throughout these drills and exercises. Approx 128 minutes

Shaolin Wing Chun Series: Level 2 Volume 3 This is the third in a series of DVDs presented by Master Benny Meng and the Ving Tsun Museum This third video is built on the techniques shown in the previous two, where body methods, concepts, theories, applications and tactics of Shaolin Wing Chun are introduced. Approx 45 minutes

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