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WING CHUN Instructional Training (13) DVD Set wooden dummy

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WING CHUN Instructional Training (13) DVD Set with CHUNG KWOK CHOW

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Wing Chun Kung Fu (8) DVD Set with CHUNG KWOK CHOW

Volume 1:  This first DVD not only includes detailed analysis and explanation of the Wing Chun striking and blocking systems, but shows how many hand techniques have a corresponding leg technique.  It's this parallel development between upper and lower body techniques which allows the Wing Chun practitioner to make the rapid progress associated with this art.  The chi sao or "sticky hand" training is shown and then Sifu Chow demonstrates the chi gerk or "sticky leg" techniques.  This DVD also shows this art's grappling strategy and the empty hand defenses against knife and club.

Volume 2:  This is one of the most incisive Wing Chun DVDs ever.  The DVD teaches how to raise the sensitivity of your fighting hands to the level of blindfolded practice.  Covers the fundamental concepts of Wing Chun:  Center Line Concepts, The 4 Gates, target facing, Simultaneous Movement, the Yin & Yang Theory and more.  Sticky hand training has unlimited combinations.

Volume 3:  This DVD shows how to expand your sticky hand technique to long and short range fighting.  Easy-to-follow drills, Wing Chun footwork, Powerful Wing Chun Low Kicks & effective entering techniques.

Volume 4:  This DVD features the first form of the Wing Chun system. Sil Lum Tau (Small Idea) contains all the fundamental hand movements of Wing Chun and Sifu Chow explains the theory behind each movement and its application in self-defense.

Volume 5:  The second form of Wing Chun is taught by Sifu Chow who includes several of the common variations of the last section of the form.  Sifu Chow explains the importance of Yin/Yang power in delivering an effective technique.  Sifu Chow shows the unique double...

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