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PFS Jeet Kune Do - How to Win a Fight Series featuring Paul Vunak (3 DVD Set)

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PFS Jeet Kune Do

How To Win a Fight
Starring Paul Vunak
Complete 3 DVD Set


Paul Vunak earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Kempo by age 17. It wasn’t long before he began studying Jeet Kune Do under the guidance of Bruce Lee’s top student Dan Inosanto.

Paul Vunak’s reputation and fighting expertise got him recruited by the U.S. government to teach his incredible hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills to the FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, Army Rangers, and dozens of SWAT teams.

The U.S. Navy SEALs brought Paul Vunak in to teach them his unique system after an exhaustive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat system in existence.

Paul Vunak has been featured in every major martial arts magazine, and he’s been on the cover of Inside Kung Fu and the cover of Black Belt Magazine at least 3 times.


For those of you with a large Vunak Collection already; this three DVD series seems to be a repeat of The Enigma material.  And by repeat, I mean it looks like the exact same footage divided into three DVDs instead of two.  I’m not sure why anyone decided to do this, but it’s something to be aware of if you decide to purchase this set. I’m assuming that the original Engima series was meant as an “instructor” reference while this DVD series was repackaged for commercial sale. But that’s just my guess.

You are four hours away from becoming a lethal weapon using the same system I teach 13 government agencies.  I will teach you my system of one million techniques especially designed for school owners!!  I will share with you for the first time what I call my Golden Goose Principle.  This principle I developed has allowed me to give hundreds of seminars, publish many books and videos without ever having to repeat myself.  This one tool alone will provide you with an endless well of...

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