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Shao Zhao Ming A Study in Bagua Ba Gua Zhang 3 DVD Set Xing Yi Tai Chi Chuan

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This is a 3 DVD set by World famous Kung Fu Master Shao Zhao Ming These a Must Have DVDs on the subject of BaguaZhang

Region 0, NTSC English Language

A Study in Bagua Zhang Volume 1 This is an extensive training DVD for beginners - intermediate level of Bagua Zhang.  The contents are truly fundamental to the style and Master Shao has accurately presented all the techniques you will need to master the essence and foundation of Bagua Zhang.  This DVD is a highly concentrated powerhouse of Bagua Zhang traditional training techniques.  It is excellent value if you are seeking to master the beginner to intermediate levels of Bagua Zhang.
Bagua  is one of the most exotic and misunderstood of the Chinese Martial Arts. It has its own mythology, and novel training methods. With emphasis in circular evasion methods and powerful palm strikes, it is one of the most effective forms of the martial arts. This production is especially beneficial for beginners. It contains seven sections demonstrating the fundamental forms, exercises and Martial Applications for Ba Gua Zhang foundation training. They are Ba Gua Qi Gong, Basic Footwork and Application, The 24 Palms Swimming Body, Basic Matching, The Old Eight Palms and their Martial Application. Ba Gua Zhang instructional DVD Clearly explained and demonstrated by Master Shao Zhao Ming.
: 60 minutes

A Study in Bagua Zhang Volume 2 This is an intensive training DVD for intermediate-advanced levels of Bagua Zhang practitioners.  The exercises and techniques are hardcore traditional methods that will ensure the devout practitioner will develop true Bagua Zhang techniques, internal strength and explosive power.  It is excellent value if you are seeking to achieve the intermediate-advanced levels of Bagua Zhang It contains essential single person exercises, 2 person exercises, 8 Elbows, training with bricks...

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