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Wing Chun Kung Fu 7 DVD Set Alan Gibson Wong Shun Leung Ip Yip Man Bruce Lee

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This Auction is for a 7 DVD set by Sifu Alan Gibson, Sifu Gibson studied under Master David Peterson and Grandmaster Yip Chun.

 DVD NTSC Format (North American); Region Free, English Language

Wing Chun In a Class of it's Own A unique and refreshing insight into the Wing Chun system; Siu Lim Tao and Chum Kiu forms are studied. All the major drills and theories are investigated from the beginner's perspective and illustrated with explosive applications.

Wing Chun Keeping it Real A spectacular new film from Alan Gibson and the Wing Chun Federation, featuring the wooden dummy in form and application. This is followed by pressure testing drills, demonstrating how you can safely train your Wing Chun under ‘real fight stress’.

Improving Your Wing Chun: Drills Alan Gibson's third film focuses on how to improve your Wing Chun with the aid of drills. The DVD shows various training drills that can be used to develop your fighting skill and specific attributes of combat. This DVD covers single sticking hands (with and without a step), Laap Sau, Paak Sau, turning or pivoting drills and retreat and entry drills. The basic concepts and actions of Chi Sau are introduced with many useful training tips for improving your technique and ability. All the major Wing Chun drills (and some you won't have seen before) demonstrated and explained. Clearly filmed and explained, from multiple angles to facilitate easy and accurate learning. This DVD is a must have!

Improving Your Wing Chun: Chi Sau A comprehensive demonstration of how to train and improve your fighting skill through Chi Sau. With a running commentary and changing camera angles, this film is set to become the new benchmark for quality in instructional martial arts films. This DVD covers all the most important aspects of Chi Sau or Sticking Hands training, including: common mistakes and errors, corner...

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