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Ving Tsun Museum's Advanced Wing Chun Training DVD-Pat Cham Dao 8 Slashing Sword

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Advance concepts of Pat Cham Dao including the teaching of the forms, applications, concepts and tactics. Check out my other items!Wing Chun 8 Slashing Sword

The Baat Jaam Dou DVD represents one of the final installment of the  
Ip Man Ving Tsun Instructor series of the core curriculum. The Wing  
Chun system, also spelled "Ving Tsun," is famous for containing three  
empty hand forms (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, and Biu Ji), two weapon forms  
(Luk Dim Bun Kwan and Baat Jaam Dou), and a special training apparatus  
known as the Wooden Dummy (or Muk Yan Jong). In the Ip Man lineage,  
very few students or instructors learned the Baat Jam Dou or Eight  
Slashing Knives directly from the late Grand Master. This represents  
the end of the system, and is the first time Grand Master Benny Meng  
has taught the knives to martial artists outside his direct school.  
The DVD expose the secret of knife tactic and real application for the  
first time to the public.

Instruction is led by Grand Master Benny Meng, Curator of the Ving  
Tsun Museum, supported by his student, Master Brad Ryan of Houston,  
Texas. I do ship internationally.

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