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Deep Breathing DVD
Tension Breathing DVD
Stretching Techniques DVD
and a
Deep Breathing Manual

-A body in motion tends to stay in motion-

When you do deep breathing exercises, your lungs will expand & contract, moving your internal organs, working you out from your core. This is one of the best types of low to no shock workout. Deep breathing will make your body the ideal weight for your height, naturally without a strict diet.

Deep Breathing DVD

Some Taoist masters have been documented as to reach ages that modern man could never dream of. Many were able to accomplish amazing feats of strength, stamina, and skill, that can only be labeled as, SUPER HUMAN. Deep Breathing was one of the secrets that they never let out. More times than not, deep breathing was gained with a shrug (by many students), and vaguely explored. Multi-Range Combat Science demands that all students (kids to Combat Vets AGES 9-90) gain the ultimate benefit of deep breathing.

Very Important:
3 deep breathing exercises
complete run time 12 minutes.

Tension Breathing DVD

Deep Breathing has many aspects. If you have the desire to reach higher levels of training, to make you body as solid as possible, and gain stamina second to none, then try Tension Breathing. These deep breathing exercises are extremely intense, and will test your endurance to the limits you never knew you had. This aspect of Multi-Range Combat Science in known as the internal part of Martial Arts.

Very Important:
3 deep breathing exercises
complete run time 10.5 minutes.

Stretching DVD

Have you stretched today ? A very important question. Stretching increases flexibility, realigns your body (head to toe), allows good blood flow, and also helps you to relax. With regular, proper stretching, you will feel invigorated, alive, and ready to take on the...

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