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The Great Courses - 4-DVD Course - Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong with BOOKS

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The Great Courses - As Seen In TIME Magazine

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Full 4-DVD Disc Course with  Transcript Book and Guide Book - Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong

Course Lecture Titles
24 Lectures 
30 minutes / lecture
4 DVD Disks

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1 The Snake and the Crane

2 First Steps in a Journey

3 Harmony and Balance

4 The Ultimate Martial Art

5 The Five Families of Tai Chi Practice

6 Qigong and the Five Animal Frolics

7 Energy Exercise: A Branch of Chinese Medicine

8 The First Pillar of Practice: Forms

9 The Second Pillar: Push Hands for Two

10 The Third Pillar: Standing Meditation

11 Benefits to the Heart and Immune System

12 A Healthy Weight and a Healthy Mind

13 Tai Chi Legends: Stories of the Masters

14 Reading the Tai Chi Classics

15 A Superior Workout: Use More of Your Muscles

16 Eight Pieces of Brocade and a Better Back

17 Tai Chi Weapons: When Hands Are Not Empty

18 Using the Mind: Inner Organizing Principles

19 Mental and Physical Flow

20 Creating Space for Choices

21 Flow at Work: When Business Is in Balance

22 Energy Flow in Your Surroundings

23 Taking Practice Deeper

24 The Evolution of Tai Chi

Professor David-Dorian RossInternational Master Tai Chi Instructor

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