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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Target With Adjustable Frame For Martial Arts Training

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    65kg Approx.
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    Free Standing frame wooden dummy
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    Wooden Dummy
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WING CHUN DUMMY BODY ( 65 inch long) is made of 8-inch diameter single piece solid elm wood,
                       cut from used roof beam over 30 years old. It won't crack anymore while hard kicking 
                       during your kung fu training practice
  22 INCHES LONG ARMS can be adjusted to 3 different positions - one high one low (staggered), or 
                       levelled at the same height (parallel). Upper arms are 51 inches (130cm) from the floor 
                       on the topmost position. STABLE Tripod Wooden Base - Frame Size 35 inches,deepth and width 47 inches Traditionally, 
                     appropriate height is when the dummy upper arms are at your shoulder height. 
                     Stable dummy frame with body weights 45kg. If you find it too light, 
                     place some heavy things on the back of the frame LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS - if you break the wooden arms or leg, send us a message 
                      and we will send you replacement for free SHIPPING FROM CALIFORNIA to customers from USA, Canada and Mexico. 
Wing Chun Mind is a small family workshop where each dummy is made as art.
We strive for the quality and take care of each part with precision. Dummy body
is made from solid tree trunk, which previously was used as a roof beam for
more than 30 years, minimizing any posibility of cracking or splitting.

Wooden Dummy Specification:
Body size - 8 inch (20.5cm) Dia. x 65 inch (165cm) Tall 
base - 2 1/2 inch (6.5cm) Dia., arm tip - 1 3/8 inc (3.5cm) Dia., arm length - 12 inch (30.5cm)
Cross section of the leg - 2 3/4 inch x 2 3/4 inch (7 cm by 7 cm), and slightly bigger at the knee

Package content:
       3pcs of solid arms, 
      1 pc of solid wooden leg, 
      1 pc of solid wooden body, 
      8 parts of frame, 
      bolts and nuts...

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