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Bagua Ba Gua Zhang Chin Na, Kicking, Lion Applications 3 DVD Set Sifu He Jinbao

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This Auction is for a Yin Bagua Zhang 3 DVD Set by Master He Jinbao Disciple of the late Dr. Xie Peiqi


Region 0, English Language 

Yin Style Baguazhang Lion System Applications

This martial art DVD documents application methods of the Yin Style Baguazhang Lion system. Focusing mainly on the seven forms of the sweeping strike, it provides a deeper understanding of the techniques, forces and changes that were introduced in previous videos documenting the Lion system.

90 minutes


Seizing and Grasping Attacks A Deeper Understanding

Yin BGZ Seizing (Chin) & Grasping (Na) Yin Style Bagua treats them separately: seizing techniques aim to control the opponent such that he cannot use strength to resist, whereas grasping techniques are intended to damage or maim the opponent, thereby ending the fight.

90 minutes


Yin Style Bagua Kicking and Footwork

In this DVD, He Jinbao introduces training and applying footwork and kicking methods beginning with stance and stepping training. Then the eight Yin Style kicking attack methods - bending, stomping, springing, hip, chopping, swinging, ending, and stamping are explained along with a demonstration of their application on an opponent. Instruction for drilling the kicks in individual practice is also given. This is followed by an extensive demonstration of how footwork affects fighting application. 140 minutes


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