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Safe Escape Aikido for Self Defense featuring Robert Liedke (6 DVD Set)

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Safe Escape

Starring Master Robert Liedke
6 Volume DVD Set


Robert Liedke is a 10th Dan Godo-Ryu Aikido master with 40+ years experience. He is also a student of Judo and Aikido master In-Soo Hwang.

Robert Liedke began training in 1970. Struck by Aikido's beauty and interplay between sophistication and simplicity, Master Liedke dedicated his life to its study. He firmly believed that Aikido concentrates on teaching you to be a better person.  A guide to understand yourself better by developing patience and a healthy attitude both mentally and physically.

Master Liedke firmly believes that Aikido-ka, those that practice Aikido, are not the kind of people to start fights, but are the kind of people who end them as quickly, and as safely as possible. In response to changing times and the various strengths inherent to the many martial arts that exist in the world, Master Liedke developed his own unique system: Godo-Ryu Aikido.

By taking the precision, movement, and technique found in traditional Aikido and combining it with self-defense techniques designed to be effective in real life, he has created an effective martial art that can safely be practiced by anyone with a dedication to it.

Safe Escape Aikido


Safe Escape Aikido Self-Defense – Lesson 1

Lesson one will focus on warm-up exercises, rolling and falling drills, the use of pressure points, understanding and applying “Ki” and simple escape techniques from most common attacks. Also explained is the proper use of body movement to overcome an attackers resistance.

(approx. 57 mins)


Safe Escape Aikido Self-Defense – Lesson 2

In this exciting video, Aikido Master Bob Liedke reviews the basic techniques...

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