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Wing Chun DVD Best Fighting Techniques Combat Training Grappling MMA 3 Disc

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Wing Chun DVD Best Fighting Techniques Combat Training Grappling MMA DVD 

3 HANDS DEEP (Wing Chun / JKD)

Wing Chun Talking Hands 
By Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal 

Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of masters, He has spent years 
studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass 
on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. His science of movement, 
fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents 
and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS,U.S. 
Secret Service, SWAT Commanders and Police Captains, executives, FBI, CIA, CEO's, 
DEA, professional athletes, elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United 
States, as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies.

Vol 1 - Concepts, Principles, & Structures
Vol 2 - Speed, Timing & Reflex Development
Vol 3 - Wing Chun Structure Adapted to Grappling & Kicking

3 DVD Set Includes the following:

DVDs 1-3 – 3 Hands Deep (Talking Hands)


The 5 Ranges of Combat

The Advantages of Trapping

The 5 Gates

How to Attack Straight Jabs & Crosses with Biu Jee and Bil Sao

How to Time the Jab with the Bil Sao

Details of the Toi Sao Biu Jee

How to Attack Straight Jabs and Crosses to the Body a. Pac Sao Da

     b. Pac Sao and Then Back Fist

     c. Fook Sao and Then Same Hand Hits

How to Deal with Elliptical Hooks to the Head

How to Deal with Elliptical Hooks to the Body

The 6 Reference points in Trapping and Grappling

       a. Show Chi-Sao Reference Points

       b. Show Wrestling Overlap of Positions

The 3...

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