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Chen Style Tai Chi Quan - Taiji Health preserving Qigong - Chen Zhenglei DVD

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Chen Style Tai Chi Quan - Taiji Health preserving Qigong - Chen Zhenglei DVD

Chen Zhenlei, one of China ten for foremost wushu masters and the 19th-generation exponent of Chen-style Taiji Quan , demonstrates you all the routines of Taiji Quan and Taiji Weapon play. Form his demonstration you will enjoy his excellent Wushu talents and his fascinating boxing techniques .   For hundreds of years, Chen-style Taiji Quan has enjoyed great popularity for its health-preserving function. As the essence of Taiji Quan, Chen-style Taiji Internal exercise (Qigong) had been stressed by all Taiji masters ad their Focus . Through deep breathing to gather vital energy at Dantian, a point below the navel, the exerciser tries to change the energy into incorporeal so that the exerciser returns to original purity and simplicity, that is , form Taiji to Wuji, to achieve an integration of heaven , earth and human being . The Exercise can serve as an effective cure against chronic diseases such as neurasthenia, hypertension, heart trouble , indigestion you will and arthritis. It is easy to learn .   Chen Style Taiji Health preserving Qigong Demonstration   Part I - Learn to Relax. Part II - Thread Twining Exercise. Part III - Sitting Still Exercise. Part IV - 18 Essential Forms.   Chen Style Quan and Weapons Play   Part I - Chen-style Taiji Quan Old Frame I. Part II - Chen-style Taiji Qugan Old Frame II. Part III - Chen-style Taiji Single Sword . Part IV - Chen-style Single Broadsword . Part V - 18 Essential Forms of Chen-style Taiji Quan. Part VI - Five Methods Chen-style Taiji Push-hand.   Lecturer: Cheng Zhenglei Format: DVD Language Speaking: Chinese Subtitle: English/Chinese


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