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Cheng Bagua Zhang Bagua Xing Yi Tai Chi Chuan 5 Vol. DVD Set Sifu Ken Gullette

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This is a 5 Volume DVD set on Bgua Zhang by Sifu Ken Gullette on the Cheng Style of Bagua

Engish NTSC -  Region 0

Bagua 8 Main Palms Form Instruction (8 Changing Palms) A lot of Bagua Bang for your Buck -- 2 1/2 hours of instruction on one DVD. You'll learn the basic skills you need to build a solid foundation for learning this unique and powerful internal art -- the Cheng style of Bagua. You'll learn circle-walking and stepping techniques, the eight mother palms and their fighting applications, tea-serving exercises and their fighting techniques, moving and stationary pole exercises and their fighting techniques, the 8 Basic Palms form and fighting techniques.

Bagua 8 Main Palms Form Instruction (8 Changing Palms) Three hours of detailed instruction on the 8 Main Palms Form of Cheng style Baguazhang. Sifu Ken Gullette teaches you step-by-step with an emphasis on correct internal body mechanics. You'll see slow motion and normal speed demos of the complete form, plus a slow motion demo with the names of each movement on the screen as the movement is performed. Learn with another student as Ken coaches a student through each movement of the form. There are also more than 150 fighting applications demonstrated clearly. If you've purchased Sifu Gullette's DVDs before, you know what to expect -- down to earth and sometimes humorous, clear instruction that will take you deeper into the art of Bagua. It's an amazing fighting art but it is NOT mystical. It is based on sound body mechanics and simple, direct techniques. You have never seen Bagua instruction this complete and this detailed. Run Time177 minutes

Bagua Swimming Body Form Instructional Detailed instruction on the Cheng style Bagua Swimming Body Form. This is a graceful form performed in a connected, flowing way -- constantly moving and never hesitating while walking the circle. Demonstrations of the form are...

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